winter offroading

Winter Off-Roading Tips

Winter Offroading

Winter may mark the end of offroading season for some, but those of us in Colorado know that it is just another opportunity to get some mud on the tires. Being well prepared for winter 4×4 activities is a must if you want to go out for a romp this season. Here are a few tips to keep in mind this winter:

Don’t Get Stranded

Obviously you never want to find yourself stranded while off the beaten path but during the winter this is especially important. Having the right gear in case of a recovery is essential. Be sure to outfit your crew with tow hooks, winches and even a basic snow shovel. If you find yourself stuck in a drift, these tools will help you find your way out.


Be sure to have the appropriate tires this winter season. You want to select tires that are wide with a mild tread pattern. This will help you push forward without digging yourself into a hole. Our team at Bullhide can help you pick the perfect set of tires for your snow wheeling adventures.

Lighten Your Load

Staying on top of the snow is key to avoiding sticking your vehicle. Spread out essential kits among different vehicles in order to avoid weighing down one particular vehicle.

Just In Case

You never want to start a snow wheeling activity with the thought that you might get stuck, but it is important to actively think “what if?”. Make sure you are dressed warmly and insulated. Bring water, food, and even thermal sleeping bags. Always make sure you have an outside contact that knows where and when your group is going. You can never be too careful!

Winter brings new opportunities for fun 4×4 activities, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to be safe and properly prepared. Come by the store and let us help you outfit your vehicle for all the winter fun this season!

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