Advanced Flow Engineering (AFE)

Advanced Flow Engineering manufactures automotive cold air intake systems, fluid and performance air filters, intake manifolds and exhaust systems.

aFe has designed three different air intake systems to meet the needs of your power-hungry engine. For the largest possible performance gain replace the entire airbox and intake tract with the STAGE 2 open element air intake system. If you want to maintain a factory appearance the STAGE 2 Si sealed air box provides quiet power. For a great value and easy installation the STAGE 1 air intake systems add instant horsepower and torque.

The air intake systems are designed using steel heat shields, molded plastic air boxes, and intake tubes. The filters are created with layers of dry synthetic filtration media.

With advertising a variety of products that are different than their competitors and specializing in high performance parts for trucks, Jeeps, sports cars, SUVs, and compact cars, aFe has built a strong name for themselves in the automobile industry.

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