Hypertech is known for designing and selling high-performance engine tuning computer-controlled vehicles. They have developed power tuning products that assist with electronic engine controls. Hypertech is responsible for creating the original Power Chips to recalibrate the Electronic Control Module (ECM). Later generations of Electronic Control Units (ECU) eliminated calibration chips and instead, engine tuning information is now stored in the unit’s programmable memory. In addition to controlling basic engine functions, microprocessors monitor and govern a wide range of systems, including the transmission, brakes, instrument panel, emission controls, and heating/air conditioning. For comparison, the code stored in an early chip would fill one page; now a typical ECU contains more than 1,600 pages of code! Hypertech has designed the Power Programmer to access this “flash” memory and download the Hypertech Power Tuning program directly into the ECU’s programmable memory. Hypertech continues to produce new power tuning products as vehicles and advancements in technology evolve.


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