K&N Engineering

K&N Engineering

K&N Engineering is one of the leading innovators in the automotive filtration and technology industry. They are the inventor of reusable cotton gauze filter technology for use in automotive applications.

K&N engineering offers products that aid in increasing performance, protection and longevity in many diverse vehicle applications. K&N Engineering developed a kind of air filter to withstand and perform in dirty off-road conditions. Through conducting a lot of experiments testing multiple different types of filter media, they eventually found that an oiled cotton design did not only allow the filter to capture contaminants efficiently, it also allowed the filter to be washed and reused. With this new finding, the original K&N® High-flow Air Filter™ was created. Now, for the last 5 decades, K&N Engineering continues to produce industry-leading filtration technology.

In addition to air filters, K&N Engineering currently offers and produces other protection and performance products ranging from air intake systems, oil filters and cabin air filters. K&N continues to offer its customers with outstanding service, as well as, quality products for their vehicles.


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