Edge Products

Edge Products

Edge Products has become the leading name for aftermarket performance electronics. The company originally set out to produce performance electronics for diesel-powered trucks. Yet, over the years, Edge Products has widened their offerings and now they provide innovative products for diesel, as well as, gas truck and SUV markets.

Edge manufactures modules, monitors, gauges, cold-air intakes, exhaust systems and programmers for all major truck manufacturers – including Ford, Chevy and Dodge. However, edge is most well-known for the power its modules and programmers produce.

What sets Edge apart from its competitors is the philosophy that all products should install in less than ten minutes and real time data to monitor vehicle performance as it is driven. Edge’s aptitude to display multiple engine parameters, while also providing safety features for those parameters, is what has transformed the overall automotive industry.

Edge offers Stage 1 kits including a tuner, cold-air intake, and monitor. Their Stage 2 performance kit includes cold-air intake, tuner, and jammer exhaust.

Edge is committed to offering the highest quality, the best product on the market, and in some cases, the only product on the market, at a competitive price.

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