BF Goodrich


BFG, otherwise known as BF Goodrich, has been producing tires for the moving world for over 100 years. Dating back to the first vehicle to cross the United States in 1903! Yes, we said 1903. And if that wasn’t enough history for you, they were the first company to manufacture the American made radial tire. As the automotive industry changed, so too did the tires for said automotives. BFG has continued to evolve and now holds one of the largest varieties of tire categories on the market. In addition, their tires are on lists of the best performing tires for trucks and 4x4s alike. This was proven with multiple wins in the Baja races, and consecutive Indianapolis 500 titles.

Designed with both on and off road conditions, BF Goodrich tires are tested in multiple environments with safety as the focus. Their products range from all-weather, and all-season tires, to performance, winter, and ATV/UTV tires.

Their Mud Terrain T/A KM3 UTV tire is made for the mud with a tread that is built for unbelievable grip as you launch yourself through dirt, sand or … mud. The sidewall rubber helps to eliminate splitting and other damage to the tire therefore getting you through the toughest of terrain.

BFG is still producing new tires and evolving existing designs to meet the market's ever changing demands and our team at Bullhide 4x4 can find the right tire for your vehicle.

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