What’s new with the Jeep JL and the trends of the 4×4 world?

Tom Niesent, Bullhide 4×4’s Assistant General Manager, attended the Keystone Big Show in Grapevine, Texas in March 2019. The Keystone Big Show is a one-day tradeshow that is similar to a mini SEMA and brings you face-to-face with sales reps from industry leading manufacturers. We decided to ask Tom his thoughts and insight on the new Jeep JL and trending products this season in the 4×4 world.

1. What is there to know about the new Jeep JL?

Since the release of the new JL there has been a strong presence of them on the road and that could do to part in how strong the JK market was. The updates of the body, drivetrain and interior design changes make this the hottest new vehicle on the market.

 2. How is it better than past models?

With Jeep still sticking with the solid front axle, there had to be some changes made to keep weight down and better fuel mileage per CAFE standards. There are now aluminum panels on the vehicle to help cut weight over steel panels, there is a new motor option in a 2.0L turbo that is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, and the creature comforts and interior updates on the inside are spot on. The JL has a luxurious interior with a rugged exterior.

 3. What are some new products or trends this season? Will Bullhide be carrying them?

Some new products that are going to be a hot item on these rigs will ultimately still be lift, wheels, tires, and body protection.  Once the JL was said to get released, Mopar engineers were hard at work producing products and the aftermarket was chomping at the bit to get their items out as well.  Bullhide 4×4 will definitely be carrying these items and the accessories that are coming out slowly.

 4. What were some of your highlights and favorites from the Big Show?

Being able to attend a trade show is a huge advantage for us at the shop to see what manufacturers have in mind in producing.  We like to be able to present our customers with the new products before they can tell us about them. Dee Zee has a nice, clean roof rack that mounts into the gutter rails on the JL since they go from front to back on these models.  This is a no invasive install to the hard top and the gutter mount is strong enough to hold the rack with the weight of gear or a tent.  Bodyguard Bumpers made their first appearance at this show and what an impressive design on the market. They like to keep their bumpers nice and tight like the factory and allow the end user to add multiple lights for that custom look.  The front and rear bumpers have the capability of adding the lights as well as keeping factory installed sensors.  Their Jeep lineup is cutting edge as well.  Weathertech has been making a name for themselves for years with their floor liners and they have created a product that is at the forefront of a lot of our customers’ minds.  Since the inception of ride-sharing, there has never been a good way to mount or place your cell phone for route tracking.  Weathertech came out with their cupfone to tidy up the inside of the vehicle and not lose your phone while cornering.  This product has been on order and back ordered a few times, but hopefully, we will have them in-store soon!

 5. What are your recommendations for upgrades this season?

I would recommend doing the lift/level, wheel and tire package on any vehicle to make it more customized.  This is a great way to set your vehicle apart from all the others on the road and make it a real head turner.  Also, with the summer heat right around the corner, there is a simple upgrade to adding window tint to the front two windows or all of the others if they are not already done to help keep the vehicle cooler inside the cab.  For those that like to take road trips in their trucks, a tonneau cover is a perfect upgrade to keep the luggage/gear securely stored in the bed of the truck.

If you are wanting to learn more about these new trends or the products that Bullhide 4×4 carries, give us a call at 970.224.2288, email us at info@bullhide4x4.com or stop by our store located at 5817 S. College Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80525.

Tom Niesent

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