Spring Cleaning Your Car!

As the days begin to get longer and the weather warms up, it’s time for a car cleanup! Not only is it important to make sure the mechanics of your car are working properly but to make sure your entire car is clean and ready to go for the warmer temperatures. Here are five tasks to help get your car ready for spring adventures.

1. Wash and wax

A good clean car is great at any time of the year. Especially, when winter is in the rear-view mirror and spring is in sight! Giving your car a good wash and wax will get the salt of winter’s past off your car. It also helps to prevent it from rusting and the color fading. When the sun is beaming down on your freshly washed car, it will look all shiny and new.

2. Vacuum inside and clean upholstery

Local car washes have large industrial vacuums to suck up the dirt and crumbs from the inside of your car. Scrub away the stains of winter with upholstery and carpet cleaner and wipe down your dashboards. Bonus! If you have rubber floor liners, you can easily hose down the floor mats and they will be as good as new in minutes.

3. Replace windshield wipers

Cold weather wreaks havoc on your windshield wipers. The cold temperatures can cause the rubber to become brittle and crack. Pick up a fresh pair of windshield wipers today to get a clear view of the road ahead! ??

4. Lubricate door hinges

Snow, ice, and cold can give way to creaky door hinges. Apply lubrication to the hinges to make door opening easier and less noisy.

5. Repair cracked windshield

The weight of snow or ice and the heat from defrost can easily harm your windshield in Colorado. If you have been driving around all winter with a cracked windshield, springtime is the perfect time to get those cracks fixed or to replace your entire windshield.

These five tasks are a great start for preparing your vehicle for spring! In addition, be sure to take your car in for routine maintenance and you will be ready to go! To schedule service or if you have any additional questions, give the friendly staff at Bullhide 4×4 in Fort Collins, CO a call at 970.224.2288.

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