Off-roading for Fall

Summer is lingering in Fort Collins but soon fall four wheeling will be here! The air will feel crisper, long sleeves will be needed, and days will begin to get shorter. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Here are some tips for fall off-roading and the best places to go in Colorado to view the changing leaves.

When taking your side by side or four-wheeler out this fall, you want to be sure to follow these tips:

1. Pack Extra Clothes

The weather changes unexpectantly in Colorado but with the fall weather creeping in, be sure you have extra clothes such as jackets, pants, socks to keep you warm out on the trails especially in cases of elevation change.

2. Safety First

Be sure to wear a helmet and safety goggles to keep your head safe when four wheeling on a side by side or ATV. Also, make sure your four-wheeler is equipped with a first aid kit, snacks, and supplies in case you get stuck.

3. Bring a Buddy

Four wheeling alone is not ideal. Bring a family member or a four-wheeling friend for safety reasons and of course, to share in on the fun! You may also want another vehicle to come along for recovery and spotting reasons.

4. Stay on Trails

When four wheeling, make sure to stay on the designated trails. Drive over obstacles instead of around them to avoid damage to the surrounding foliage and/or to your vehicle.

As you start to prepare for fall four wheeling with the tips above, be sure you plan some awesome drives to see the colorful leaves in Colorado.

Some places to visit are:

Lovell Gulch Trail– Beautiful meadows with aspens and wildflowers. It is a 4.9-mile loop located near Woodland Park. The trail difficulty is rated as moderate.

Holy Cross Trail- An 8.9-mile trail located near Red Cliff, Colorado; rated as hard. A fun, breathtaking off-road trail.

Buffalo Pass- Located near Steamboat Springs. A 2.8 mile moderately trafficked trail. Great trail for bird watching and to see wildlife. Great views of aspen foliage. 

Elkhorn Mountain– Located near Clark, Colorado. A 10.5-mile trail with a difficulty level of hard. Drive this trail for beautiful views of the changing aspen tree leaves in fall.

Be sure to contact Bullhide 4×4 for all your off-roading vehicle accessories. Happy Fall Four Wheeling!

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