Easter Jeep Safari 2022 Review

Easter Jeep Safari takes place each year around Easter in Moab, UT. Jeep enthusiats come from all corners of the country to attend this event. Parts Specialists, Trevor and CJ, had the opportunity to attend this year's event. We sat down with them upon their return to hear about their experiences. Here's what they had to say...

As a Parts Specialist, what are a few things you learned at Easter Jeep Safari that you can bring back to your customers to help with their builds?

Trevor said always keep a spill kit whether it’s for yourself or to help someone else. He goes on to say if you are wheeling a JT, you need to go taller to compensate for the bed overhang.

CJ said it was great to talk with manufacturer reps to gain new product knowledge and discuss any technical issues. Being there gives us the opportunity to see a lot of different builds and how they perform. As a Parts Specialist, this helps us recommend the right products based on what the customer wants to achieve.

What was it like to be off-road with people you had never met before?

Both CJ and Trevor said, "It was incredible to see how everyone comes together, no matter who you are or where you’re from. Everyone is like-minded, wanting to push themselves and their rigs to the limit. We had the opportunity to wheel with the Wheel Pros, Teraflex, Falcon Shock, Nitto, Evo, and Currie Axel guys. It was an amazing experience." You can see Trevor and CJ in this YouTube video produced by Casey Currie.

What advice would you give to someone off-roading with a new group of people for the first time?

Trevor says, “Check to make sure there are at least one or two people that know what they are doing and trust your spotter. A spotter can make or break the line you’re taking.” 

CJ says,” Be open-minded and be prepared to hurry up and wait. Also, be friendly and don’t be the guy that knows everything. Every day you can learn something new!”

With so many people off-roading during Easter Jeep Safari, what is the best way to handle a situation when you, or someone you're traveling with, breaks down or rolls over and is blocking the trail?

Both CJ and Trevor, agree that with so many people, usually many will try to help fix the Jeep or move it to the side so others can get through. If you come across others in that situation, be willing to lend a helping hand. You never know when you might need it. 

What did you enjoy most about Easter Jeep Safari?

Both said excitedly. “Getting seat time!” CJ also said seeing the different builds and connecting with friends you haven't seen since the last EJS and making new friends. Trevor adds,” Getting to wheel the various trails with new and different people and seeing the array of builds.”

What advice would you give to someone going to Easter Jeep Safari for the first time?

Trevor says to get a copy of the trails that are being run that day and make sure you’re comfortable going with a large group. CJ also says takes lots of pictures!

Both agreed and said," BE PATIENT and be prepared to wait!"

CJ and Trevor are happy to share the knowledge they learned and their experience. Have questions about a certain kind of build and how it could perform? Call one of our Parts Specialists, and they can help determine the right equipment for your goals and vehicle. Call (970)-224-2288.


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