Ever since 1982, Extang has led the industry with innovative, quality products, maximum strength warranties and some of the best customer support. With every product Extang offers, they are proud to be an American company bringing quality products to their customers.

Extang is known for being the number one selling truck bed cover brand in North America. Holding more patents than any other truck accessories company, Extang has nearly perfected every aspect of the truck bed cover.

Extang was also the first to introduce many of the styles and features evident in the truck bed cover market today.

Extang is dedicated to providing their customers with a product that is well designed and built to such demanding standards, so the products perform beyond the truck owner’s highest expectations.

With Extang being fully committed to bringing products to the market that will enhance the utility, convenience and appearance of their client’s trucks, they are devoted to meeting their customer’s needs and continuing to be at the forefront of truck bed innovation within the industry.

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