CBI Offroad bumper

CBI Offroad Fabrication

Known in the industry for over 10 years now as building the best off-road body armor, CBI Offroad Fabrication handcrafts all of their products. So, if they do not have exactly what you are looking for they can customize their products to meet your needs or build exactly what you are looking for. With their motto being “Trail Proven- Adventure Ready” CBI Offroad wants to prepare your vehicle for whatever type of adventure you pursue, with the style, functionality and protection you need. CBI promises that their innovative team of adventure minded enthusiasts strive to provide safe, high quality, functional products to their customers. So you can rest assured that your product will be unique and exceed your expectations in regard to quality and functionality.

Ask the team at Bullhide 4×4 today about CBI bumpers and other products.

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