Buckstop bumpers


Buckstop prides itself on delivering their customers with the highest quality bumpers in regard to strength, functionality and styling. Buckstop’s heavy-duty bumpers compliment the soft, subtle lines of newer body style trucks, as well as, bumpers for first generation trucks.

With the design concept at Buckstop being to build a bumper that is a useful addition to the vehicle, the bumper tool kit protects against impact, offers easy winch access, while including tow hooks, light mounts and a trailer receiver. Buckstop bumpers are made from ¼” steel in the primary impact zone and winch center and 3/16” steel under the headlights. This way of manufacturing the bumpers makes it very difficult to dent in the case of animal strikes or other mishaps that may present themselves. They also offer a removable grill guard, in cases where your radiator or grill need to be serviced this feature will make the process easier.

With Buckstop demonstrating a careful consideration and attention in terms of design, strength, and utility you are sure to have a truck that sets you apart while off-roading, fishing, camping, working or just having fun.

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