The ARB bull bar originates from premium, cold rolled sheet steel and is finished in a durable powder coat that offers protection and unmatched corrosion resistance. With an ultra-low sheen matte finish, the bumpers are designed to last. The bumpers at ARB Bumpers are designed to complement the unique contours of individual vehicle models. ARB Bumper offers its customers with the best possible look, fit and functionality for any particular vehicle on the market.

ARB Bumpers manufactures numerous different bumpers ranging from sleek Delux and Sahara styles all the way to the deemed more functional commercial bumper. Computer controlled laser cutting equipment, mandrel bending machines and MIG welders are used to shape the material into a structurally sound shell. ARB has heavily invested in getting their bumpers put to the test, through conducting vehicle crash barrier tests in order to validate the performance and compliance of its airbag compatible bumpers.

Through ARB Bumpers conducting these tests they ensure that the vehicle's crush rate and airbag triggering are not changed when a bumper is installed. This is why you won’t discover a more methodically manufactured vehicle protection system than an ARB Bumper.

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