How to Prepare Your Vehicle For a Road Trip

With warm weather and the scent of spring being just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about adventuring outside once again, and what better way to do that than packing up the 4×4 and hitting the open road. Road tripping is a form of travel that encourages you to enjoy the journey and the experiences you gain along the way, rather than focusing on the destination. Whether it be camping in Moab, off-roading in Arizona or just trying to escape to a warmer destination, start up the engine and take in the beautiful landscapes.

Before you step on the gas to set out on your exciting excursion, check out a few things the team at Bullhide 4×4 suggests bringing with you to ensure you have a fun, safe expedition to your desired location.

Snacks (lots and lots of snacks): There is nothing worse than becoming hungry and knowing that the nearest restaurant is miles away. Also, if you are looking to save money while traveling, purchasing snacks in bulk prior to departure is vital. Some healthy snack ideas that can easily be packed include nuts, baby carrots, pretzels, apples, cuties, and trail mix. Be sure to bring a good mix of both healthy foods and junk foods – road tripping is supposed to be a time of letting go, so allow yourself to indulge a little and enjoy!

If you are road tripping to a camp site, it will be important to not only bring snacks, but to think up meals. Here is a list of good, easy meals to make while camping!

Tunes for the Road: Whether you appreciate listening to audio books, podcasts, or music, having something to do in the car while driving is essential in keeping everyone entertained when conversation is at a pause. It also brings people together; nothing is more bonding than singing a hit at the top of your lungs with a car full of good friends.

Here are lists of recommended songs and podcasts for your next road trip.

First Aid Kit: Nobody ever expects to get hurt, but accidents do unfortunately happen. Yet, they are not as dramatic if you are prepared for the unexpected. Having a first aid kit that has remedies for cuts, scratches, aches, infections and everything in-between, can save you from panic if something comes up.

Tire-Pressure Gauge & Air Compressor: With the passengers taken care of, we now switch our focus to the vehicle you’re driving. As you add miles to your trip, your tires will inevitably encounter a few hazards. Keeping a tire pressure gauge in your trunk is a beneficial tool to have in your trunk, if you notice a lower tire than the others. Being any to check the pressure and fill with air from the compressor as necessary can buy you some time till the next gas station or mechanic near by.  

Jumper Cables and/or Jump Pack: If your vehicle’s battery dies during your road trip, having jumper cables and/or a jump pack on hand can save your trip. It’s hard to tell when this unfortunate incident may occur, and whether you’ll be near other vehicles at the time of battery death. If you’re lucky enough to be close to other vehicles, your standard jumper cables can come to the rescue. If you’re stranded on the side of the road, a jump pack is your saving grace. Most of these jump packs are compact in size and will easily fit in your trunk and are also available at Bullhide 4×4.

GPS – Navigation: Gone are the days of wrestling with large maps to find your way in the event you become lost on your trip. Downloading the latest GPS smart phone apps, and/or off-road navigation apps to assist in guiding you back to your destination. Our suggestion is to invest in a phone or tablet mount for your dashboard to easily view your route.

Now that you know what to bring with you on your escapade, it’s also important to look into how to take care of your 4×4 and be sure that the vessel getting you from point A to B is operating efficiently. So, get your vehicle’s oil changed, tires checked and fluids topped off when necessary. For, if you take care of your vehicle it will take care of you on your trip!

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