RIPP Superchargers

Ripp Superchargers

RIPP Superchargers has been referred to as the front-runner in forced induction products for numerous Dodge, Chrysler, Chevrolet and Jeep vehicles.

With RIPP Superchargers providing the world’s first supercharger system for the Jeep JK, their main product they retail is their supercharger and their kit. Utilizing Vortech centrifugal technology, RIPP Supercharger has continuously proven to its customers that they can deliver powerful gains that can offset the effects of larger off-road wheels and tires. With the superchargers being designed to bolt on to your factory Jeep or Chrysler engine, the superchargers come with everything that is required for easy installation and are tuned/ prepared for all-climate performance. Once installed, each RIPP system bolts on to add an additional 120-250 horsepower measured to the rear wheel.

When purchasing a RIPP Supercharger customers aren’t only buying a kit, they are buying a complete system with reliability in mind. Customers can take comfort in the fact that when they are purchasing a RIPP Supercharger they are buying from one of the best in the automotive industry. Contact Bullhide 4x4 to purchase and install your RIPP Supercharger today.

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